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We Change The Way Business Works

We’ll change the way you work. We’ll give you a single, simple, straightforward communication and collaboration platform that your employees will love.

When you partner with Withum, formerly Portal Solutions, you’re working with digital workplace innovators and Office 365 and SharePoint experts who are dedicated to streamlining communication, enhancing collaboration and increasing visibility across your entire organization.

Built on Microsoft’s Office 365 and SharePoint productivity platforms, our solutions eliminate application overload, information interference, workflow confusion and wasted effort. Withum has achieved the highest ranking from the Microsoft Partner Network and continues its leadership in the Office 365 and SharePoint services marketplace.

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Introducing OneWindow Workplace

Today’s workers are more connected than ever, with the power to communicate and collaborate at incredible speeds, across vast distances. But these new advances also produce information overload and interference that get in the way of business efficiency and personal productivity.

That’s why we’ve created OneWindow Workplace, a ready-to-go modern social intranet for Office 365.

Building on a powerful foundation of Office 365 and SharePoint, OneWindow Workplace provides digital working environments that are intuitive and user-focused. By bringing together people, content and conversations in a centralized workplace experience, OneWindow Workplace streamlines information access and communication across your entire organization.

Enterprise Collaboration

With OneWindow Workplace, enterprise collaboration is a breeze. Your employees are able to work together from anywhere, at any time and on any device, and even collaborate simultaneously on a single document — without duplicating efforts or risk of data loss.

Streamlined Communication

From email to instant messaging and video chat, business communication tools are proliferating, making it difficult to keep track of all your conversations. OneWindow Workplace consolidates all of your communication and sharing into one easy-to-use window, connecting your organization with one centralized network.


Company-Wide Visibility

You need to know what’s going on inside your business operations — and the ability to do something about it. That goes for everything from high-level insights down to details like version control and time management. With OneWindow Workplace you get complete visibility into projects and programs across your entire organization.

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Our Client-First Implementation Methodology

Improving efficiency and collaboration often requires you to change employee behavior across your entire organization — and that’s no small task. But you simply can’t afford to continue on with ineffective systems and processes.

That’s why we’ve developed the industry’s most effective process to help you visualize and achieve success with your implementation.

Our Client-First Implementation Methodology has four stages:

  1. Destination Discovery: We conduct a comprehensive review of your organizational structures, alongside an in-depth observational study of your workplace best practices. We then use this research to identify your ideal digital workplace, including customized features and functions.
  2. Realization Roadmap: Based on the first-stage results, we work with you to outline your goals and create a detailed plan that ensures a smooth implementation, with no disruption to your operation during this critical transition.
  3. Innovative Implementation: With more than a decade of experience with Microsoft technology, our experts have fine-tuned the industry’s most innovative and agile process for Office 365 and SharePoint implementation.
  4. Failsafe Follow-up: Through regular post-implementation checkpoints, we ensure that your system is performing optimally and identify any opportunities for improvement.

“We’ve worked with other Microsoft consultants in the past, but none have matched Withum's level of technical expertise and knowledge of Microsoft’s technology.”

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