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Intranets Evolve — The Impact Of The Social Revolution


The intranet has become the center of engagement across organizations. No longer just a place with links and portal dashboards, intranets are now socially engaging and news-rich.

Is your intranet in need of work, or do you want to learn more about how intranets are improving organizations around the globe? This free webinar recording is for you.

Listen to social collaboration experts Joel Oleson, Director of Technical Evangelism with ViewDo Labs, and Jill Hannemann, Director of Advisory Services at Portal Solutions, discuss the powerful impact social is having on intranets today.

In this informative 60-minute session, you’ll learn about:

  • Using technology to accomplish creative solutions
  • Motivating factors for sharing knowledge, resources and tools
  • “Open data” that is freely available for everyone to use
  • Social entrepreneurs as a new common concept and distinctive group of individuals
  • Engagement and organizational transformation

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