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Getting Migrations Right in SharePoint


Migrating unstructured content is often laborious and time-consuming. Learn how to avoid the typical pitfalls and get it right the first time. 

In this webinar recording, Portal Solutions and Concept Searching discuss SharePoint migration issues, information architecture and best practices to ensure your migration doesn’t result in the typical project overruns, post-upgrade production issues and unanticipated downtime.

Access the free recording today to learn about:

  • Planning, architecting and testing your migration in an iterative fashion
  • Maximizing the return on investment from your migration budget
  • Automatic migration of content driven by classification of metadata
  • Best practices in defining SharePoint information architecture
  • Aligning the architecture with the business goals
  • Metadata schema and why it’s so important
  • Designing a schema aligned to the business and its processes 

Speakers include:

  • Val Orekhov, Chief Architect at Portal Solutions
  • Michael Konrath, Director of Implementation Services at Portal Solutions
  • Don Miller, Vice President of Sales at Concept Searching

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