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Office 365 For Zombies


Microsoft continues to tout the message of “cloud this,” “Surface that,” and “Office 365 for all of your business needs.” But what does it all mean?

In this informative webinar recording, we deconstruct offerings within Office 365 and demonstrate value and savings for your business. We make it so easy, even a zombie could understand it. 

Watch the recording to learn as Jill Hannemann and Adam Levithan:

  • Review the overall technologies powering Office 365 (Exchange, Lync, Office Graph, SharePoint and Yammer) and how it benefits business users
  • Introduce the Office 365 subscription model for pricing and discuss Microsoft’s recent incentives
  • Provide a guide to working with or evaluating the pros and cons of Office 365 for your organization

In just 60 minutes, you’ll understand the business value of Office 365 and have the knowledge to make the right Office, Exchange, SharePoint, Yammer and/or Lync deployment decision for your organization.

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