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Key Business Considerations When Moving Your Enterprise To The Microsoft Cloud

What do you need to consider when moving to the cloud?  Whether you are new to the cloud or if it’s part of your existing strategy, it’s crucial to understand the business impact to be successful and achieve your goals.  

In this insightful webinar recording, we’ll help you understand the impact moving towards the Microsoft Cloud will have on your business.  Understanding and managing these changes will help you reduce the costs of these changes and improve the business value of your cloud investments. 


Listen to digital workplace experts Daniel Cohen-Dumani, CEO of Portal Solutions, and Dale Tuttle, Founder of Porter Briggs Consulting, as they share how to prepare, plan and successfully move your organization to the cloud.

They address the following questions:

  • What is the Microsoft Cloud and what are its components?
  • Why should you have a cloud strategy and why it is important?
  • What are the key business impacts of an enterprise cloud migration and what should you plan for?
  • How does it impact your current IT organization, its roles, responsibilities and budget?

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