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10 Most Impactful Takeaways From Microsoft Ignite 2015

After listening to the historic announcements at Microsoft Ignite, you may be left scratching your head. How do they impact your current Office 365 or SharePoint deployment? Should you upgrade now? What does this mean for your existing platform?

Now that the dust has settled, our experts will share the top 10 most impactful takeaways and explain in simple terms what they mean and how they will impact your organization.  Specifically, we’ll share our insight on:


  • How will these historic announcements impact your organization?
  • What impact will next-gen portals in SharePoint and Office 365 have on your current SharePoint or Office 365 deployment?
  • Is now is the time to upgrade an aging intranet, content management system or enhance workplace productivity?

In this powerful 60-minute session, Portal Solutions’ Daniel Cohen-Dumani, Jill Hannemann and Chris Poteet, will give you a quick rundown of Microsoft’s recent Ignite 2015 conference, with key takeaways and recommendations.

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