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Office 365 Revealed: What to Use When to Stay Productive

Whether you’re deciding to move to Office 365 or you’ve had it for some time, this webinar is for you. Office 365 is rapidly changing and new technology can often be disruptive.  Learn how to curb disruption and get straight to productivity.  Aligning Office 365 workloads with the right task is critical for user adoption and productivity.  

In this webinar Daniel Cohen-Dumani and Jill Hannemann, of Withum discuss common productivity scenarios and pro/cons of each Office 365 workload.

They talked about:

  • What are the workloads (components) of Office 365
  • What are the new features:
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Office Groups
    • Sway
    • PowerApps. Flow
  • Governance - what to use when

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