Office 365 Turns 5! Does Modern Equal Mature?


This year Office 365 turns 5. Has it really been that long? Never before in our technical language has one word "Modern" taken on so many different meanings!


Starting in 2013, Office 365 took on the basic form we know today. Through these 5 years Office 365 has seen many changes, with one of the latest being Modern pages, sites, framework etc. Yes, Modern is not only about look and feel but how Office 365 is being built and how it can simplify how your employees collaborate and communicate.


In this on-demand webinar our Microsoft MVP, Adam Levithan, looks at:

  • Major differences between Classic vs. Modern experiences
  • What modern means to an everyday employee
  • Future roadmap of Office 365 features


Webinar presenter:  
Adam Levithan-18-506048-edited   
Adam Levithan, MVP
Withum Digital