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Developed by the SharePoint experts at Portal Solutions, these three products are designed to help you get the most from your digital workplace, whether it’s simplifying SharePoint management or making sense of all your Office 365 tasks.

AuthentiMate-improves-SharePoint-management.png Taskr

Taskr For Office 365

Tired of searching through your email for tasks and providing constant status updates?

Taskr is a simple tool for capturing, prioritizing and coordinating your tasks. More than merely a task-tracker, Taskr for Office 365 offers a better way to prioritize and coordinate work activities with colleagues.

  1. Keep it simple: Stay in the moment while you quickly capture tasks and action items as easily as taking notes in a meeting.
  2. Collaborate and communicate: Taskr taps into all of Office 365’s communication and enterprise collaboration features, so you can share your task status with social feeds and automated reporting.
  3. Plan and visualize: Use the VisualQ interface to see immediately when you’re overloaded or overcommitted, helping you meet deadlines and expectations.

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AuthentiMate — Enabling Access To SharePoint Sites

It sounds simple, but the process is complex. When you want to share company content with a new partner or other external party, you first need someone to configure the user management, federation and single sign-on settings in your SharePoint sites.

AuthentiMate solves this problem with a concept called Bring Your Own Identity, or BYOID. That means it allows external parties to connect to your published content with existing credentials from sites like Yahoo, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook or Twitter, essentially automating the provisioning process.

  1. Easy content sharing: It’s easy to share content with external parties. Just enter an email address and AuthentiMate handles the rest of the user registration process. Once you invite external users to share your content, they have the option to log in with existing cloud identities.
  2. Universal and controlled access: When external users log in, they can access services from on-premises SharePoint and compatible web applications to Office 365 services. User activity is audited, and access may be automatically revoked on a certain date or after a period of inactivity.
  3. Security for your extranets: Optional two-step identity verification further secures your content, making sure the user can be trusted before gaining access.
  4. Built for the cloud: You retain ownership and control of your user data. AuthentiMate integrates tightly with Microsoft’s cloud service, Windows Azure Active Directory, and stores information about your users within your own Azure subscription.

Ready to learn more? Check out Microsoft’s case study on AuthentiMate or request a demo.

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Experience Management

Our Experience Management is a dynamic database created by Portal Solutions for professional services firms, law firms and marketers. Built in the Microsoft SharePoint platform, this tool integrates with your current workflow and makes it easy to provide updated project, matter and deal information to prospective clients in the form of RFPs and proposals, collaterals and other materials.

Experience Management draws on our wide breadth of experience. For over 10 years we’ve helped professional services firms to effectively and consistently manage project, matter and deal data.

Experience Management screenshot

Key benefits of Experience Management include:

  1. Integration with your existing workflow: Experience Management helps streamline your workflow and approval process, using configurable templates for content organization and direct export of pitches and proposals.
  2. Improved data capture, consistency and findability: We make it easy to capture, search, retrieve, manage and package your firm’s client experience and details.
  3. Reduced data entry: Experience Management integrates with your firm’s data warehouses and financial systems, consolidating information across multiple disparate data sources and reducing manual data entry tasks.

Additional features:

  • Intuitive, wizard-driven data entry screens for attorneys and paralegals
  • Powerful export and data manipulation tools for marketing managers
  • A role-based security model to handle complex confidentiality business rules
  • The ability to handle thousands of records per year
  • Integration with your firm’s website and accounting and financial systems 

Ready to learn more?  Request a demo of our Experience Management Solution or click here to read more about the solution.  

Learn how to streamline your proposal process and improve efficiency with an experience management system. Download the tip sheet! 

Improve Your Proposal Process: Tips For Managing Your Professional Services Firm's Experience

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