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Often, the awareness of a problem in your business processes doesn’t start with technology; it starts when a department leader becomes aware of a problem with a basic functionality. Perhaps your communication methods aren’t getting the desired results, or the loss of valuable business information highlights the need for better knowledge-sharing within the organization.

At Portal Solutions, our Office 365 and SharePoint consultants are experts at solving common functional problems to improve our clients’ business processes. Here are six functional examples of our problem-solving approach:

Human Resources
Marketing & Sales
Corporate Communications
Finance, Accounting & Legal
IT Support

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Improving Knowledge Sharing In The Digital Workplace


Human Resources

Many human resources (HR) departments use inefficient processes and notifications that hinder communication and burden the organization with paper-based processes. It’s hard for HR staff to communicate quickly and effectively with employees. When policies and handbooks are circulated through email or hard copies, these end up out-of-date and difficult to find.

Portal Solutions helps your HR department streamline communications and maintain policies and handbooks in one place by creating a centralized HR portal or employee intranet. We connect the HR portal to the rest of your digital workplace, allowing you to communicate updates over newsfeeds and use SharePoint document management to help employees complete and sign forms electronically.

Replacing inefficient processes with an HR portal improves communication and productivity while reducing mistakes in business processes. We provide ease of access that empowers employees and reduces the time HR must spend on routine tasks.


Marketing & Sales

It’s hard enough to develop sales collateral and keep it fresh with regular updates. Making sure your sales team has access to the most up-to-date collateral is another challenge. On top of that, there’s the need to communicate with sales representatives when they’re on the road, keeping them in the loop on deliverables and customer contact information.

We’ll use our SharePoint expertise to design a company intranet with a centralized repository that automatically organizes and indexes your digital assets. This facilitates employee self-service, allowing your sales reps to access the latest content and sales collateral. And when you update a piece of content in your SharePoint intranet, you no longer need to email the latest version to multiple people.

Our digital workplace solutions make your sales team more efficient and responsive. Our solutions reduce manual busywork and allow salespeople to be more responsive, instead of wasting time searching for the latest, best collateral. And there are major advantages for your sales team in terms of communication: Tools like Yammer help to reduce the number of status reports and necessary meetings.


Corporate Communications

Many companies don’t have a central location where the company posts announcements and discusses internal news. As a result, employees often feel isolated and out of the loop. When company leaders want to share important updates, they tend to send mass emails, which aren’t an effective way to spark conversation, engagement and debate.

Portal Solutions helps you implement a user-friendly social corporate intranet that provides a central, consistent platform for sharing and collecting internal communications. And this intranet isn’t just a big megaphone for the company to spin the news and issue decrees: It’s a place to start conversations and facilitate back-and-forth exchanges.

Through a social corporate intranet, we enable you to immediately disseminate information throughout your organization. It increases the efficiency of spreading information — one announcement with threaded comments vs. hundreds or thousands of emails — and improves the flow of corporate communications.

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Finance, Accounting & Legal

Ensuring compliance with changing regulations presents a major headache for finance, accounting and legal departments. Yet it’s imperative to keep track of paper documents and maintain record retention policies in order to protect your organization from penalties and potential legal challenges.

Digitize all of your documents and implement SharePoint document management. Portal Solutions can integrate this system with the rest of your digital workplace, developing custom dashboards for your finance, accounting and legal departments that help them keep track of key data as well as making sure that documents are secured and retained to compliance standards.

The digital workplace, and SharePoint document management in particular, helps to replace many cumbersome paper processes. We work with you to develop solutions that support real-time collaboration, with employees simultaneously co-authoring documents, and improve transparency and productivity throughout the organization.


IT Support

An on-premises IT staff carries a lot of responsibility: delivering solutions to end users, providing quick access to information, and responding to users’ needs via the knowledgebase and help desk. Today, many of these IT departments are stretched thin, continually asked to do more with less.

At Portal Solutions, we help you develop a strategy for bringing cloud-based solutions into the digital workplace, such as SharePoint Online. The cloud services providers then take on the time-consuming, routine tasks, which frees up your IT staff to focus on strategic projects that have significant value for your company.

The ultimate benefit of using a cloud platform like SharePoint Online is that your IT staff provides greater value to the business. Instead of routine chores, IT improves productivity by being more responsive to user demands, and helps business users collaborate and share content more effectively.



Operational issues vary by industry, but revolve around managing interactions as efficiently and effectively as possible. In this regard, most organizations struggle with providing access to the latest data and updating people on critical procedures and operations.

An enterprise mobile solution makes it easier for your employees to send and receive updates and access data, whether they’re walking the shop floor, taking inventory or working in the field. We design responsive mobile dashboards that allow for easy access to data and operations guides from a tablet or smartphone, improving communication between operations staff.

Improving your company’s interactions boosts efficiency and accuracy while also speeding up the training and onboarding processes. By providing better access to data and updates, we help streamline your operations and support more strategic resource allocation.

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