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Social enterprise tools, like Microsoft’s Yammer application, are increasingly common in the workplace — and may soon replace email in some contexts. Enterprise social networks offer a professional environment for employees to connect with their peers, share content, follow news and participate in conversations. Since this technology supports speedy communication and knowledge sharing, it plays an important role in the digital workplace.

Think of enterprise social networking as a stream of questions, answers and comments applied to a business purpose or goal. A social enterprise tool like Yammer makes it easy for employees to find colleagues with the expertise and experience to help them solve a problem quickly, increasing productivity. And with the platform’s intuitive design, many users will immediately understand how to use social tools with little or no training.

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Ideas For Using Enterprise Social Networks

Social tools are great for remote workers, and a company-wide implementation provides useful analytics for communication. With social analytics, you get actionable insights into how employees are communicating in a way that’s not possible with email.

We work with you to introduce enterprise social networks in ways that best suit your circumstances. In some cases, we might suggest you first try implementing an on-premises social platform within an established system, such as a help desk system or document management collaboration system. If your company collaborates frequently with external sources, we can integrate Yammer with your Office 365/ SharePoint intranet to accommodate a variety of working styles with customers, vendors or business partners.

Efficient Knowledge-Sharing

While social is just one of many communication channels in the digital workplace, it has some unique advantages, especially in terms of effective knowledge-sharing. Particularly in the context of the Office 365 productivity suite, social features allow you to reach out to people and access information far more quickly than if you emailed one individual at a time or searched through an internal knowledge archive, such as a SharePoint site.

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