No more designing and building. With OneWindow Workplace running on Office 365 we have taken the best elements of great intranets and team sites and made it all available to you - fully integrated with Office 365 and available from day one. OneWindow Workplace takes your standard Office 365 deployment and makes it specific to your industry and organization while removing the cost and complexity you would find with custom on premise solutions.

No more months-long implementation process - get your team up and running in days collaborating with each other, getting answers, producing and distributing content and communicating with the greatest of ease.


Introducing OneWindow Workplace

Most organizations are on a constant quest to provide employees with the tools that will help improve agility, productivity and innovation. By breaking down barriers to communication and accessing content, your people are able to do more – wherever they may be on whatever device they may be using.

From identifying, qualifying and closing new business to staffing and executing on projects – you need the right people with the right information to execute smoothly and differentiate your organization.


Ready to learn more about how a ready-to-go corporate intranet could helpyour firm become more efficient and productive? Download our new tip sheet, 5 Signs A Ready-To-Go Intranet Is Right For Your Firm or request a free consultation today!

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Connect People to Expertise
Using enhanced personal profiles you can quickly find the right person with the knowledge, skills and experience you need – and connect right away. Whether on a proposal, pitch or client issue, the right answer translates into happy clients and more business.  
Get the right answers fast >>

Connect People to Content
Forget attachments, share drives and folders, with advanced search and discovery, finding just what you need, or just what you were working on, has never been easier or more intuitive. 
Get more done >>

Connect People to Projects
Project sites are now smarter than ever, combining project documents, discussions and team members in a single place that enables constant communication – keeping everyone in the loop. 
Keep everyone informed >>

Connect People to What’s Happening
Use true publishing and social network capabilities to easily communicate company-wide. Access a set of multi-media tools to reinforce the culture and keep everyone on the same page.
Communicate with impact >>

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“We’ve worked with other Microsoft SharePoint consultants in the past, but none have matched Portal Solutions’ level of technical expertise and knowledge of Microsoft’s SharePoint Platform.”

Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc.
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