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Our world is diverse, connected, and constantly on the move. To keep up, our business technology solutions need to meet the users where they are, regardless of device or location.

Good mobile design means creating solutions that aren’t restricted by the platform but are empowered by it. It’s not just a technical solution but also a design philosophy with its own conventions and challenges.

Whether we’re building responsive websites or native business applications we apply the same design thinking, answering the question “who is the user and what are they looking to accomplish”. We leverage our user-centered and mobile-first design methodologies to build your mobile website, portal, or business application, bringing your site or solution to their fingertips.

Case Study: Mobile-Ready Intranet on Office 365 Connects People Across the  Globe  Learn how a strategic intranet improves communication and collaboration » Download Now 
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“We’ve worked with other Microsoft SharePoint consultants in the past, but none have matched Portal Solutions’ level of technical expertise and knowledge of Microsoft’s SharePoint Platform.”

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