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Office 365 has become a formidable player in enabling the digital workplace, but managing the cloud-based productivity suite can exhaust the bandwidth and budget of your internal IT department. An external partner can provide Office 365 managed services well beyond the support that comes standard with Microsoft’s solutions, which is neither responsive, nor proactive.

At Withum, our comprehensive and custom Office 365 managed services plans are designed to help clients leverage the cloud platform to its full potential, without infrastructure costs, or the financial burden of hiring an expert in-house IT team.

Shifting workflows to the cloud requires management to maintain operational integrity, while new processes are being learned and absorbed. To ensure the long-term success of your Office 365 platform, and the scalability of your cloud adoption strategy we offer a variety of Office 365 managed services including:

  • Regular Strategy Review & Alignment
  • Monthly & Quarterly Ticket Review
  • Proactive Uptime Reporting
  • Customization Services
  • Onboarding & Troubleshooting
  • End-User Adoption & Training
  • Recommendations
  • Updates on New Features
  • Hybrid & SharePoint Online Support
  • Enhanced Security Features
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Governance Auditing

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Why Choose an External Partner for Office 365 Support?

Whether you’re looking for help with a migration, or you’re already up and running on the platform, working with an Office 365 migration partner can simplify your IT support responsibilities. Many organizations lack the personnel and the expertise to keep up with required maintenance, and most demand faster response-times for critical issues than what Microsoft is currently able to deliver.  An Office 365 services partner with Microsoft Gold Partner competencies can provide:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Working with an external partner is typically cheaper than hiring in-house resources to manage any technical or security issues with Office 365. Most software solution providers also offer tiered support packages, so organizations are able to choose the level of support they require, and expand that support as needed. Many packages offer advanced security and proactive compliance monitoring as well, which can prevent and detect problems before they incur hefty damages.
  • Timeliness of Responses: Getting outside help with your Office 365 management guarantees timely responses for both critical and noncritical issues. The Enterprise plan is Microsoft’s most expensive and robust package, and it currently offers no response time commitment for noncritical issues, and only a next-day commitment for high priority problems. With an Office 365 partner, you can always reach someone by phone, or even get someone to come on-premise if necessary.
  • Customized Support: It can be difficult to get Microsoft’s help on complex, or custom support or issues. If your Office 365 platform has been customized, or you’re looking to explore customization options, you need specialists who’ve handled complicated and diverse projects before. Consultants who work outside Microsoft are often exposed to a wider variety of projects, and if they run into problems, they have a more direct line to Microsoft technicians with better response times.

Choose Withum for Your Office 365 Management

At Withum, we offer truly inclusive Office 365 managed services packages. Our consultants and technicians have been working with Microsoft solutions for decades, and they’re familiar with troubleshooting a wide variety of Office 365 issues relating to strategy, migration, deployment and configuration, and post-implementation support and training. As a Microsoft Gold partner, we’re not simply technical account specialists. We have the expertise to provide strategic planning on how to best leverage the Office 365 platform and we provide proactive monitoring to stay on top of potential problems.

We offer a few service package options -- connect with one of our consultants today to discuss which one is right for your organization.

In need of Office 365 support? Contact our Office 365 managed services specialist online,  or give us a call at 240-348-5208.

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