Enterprise Cloud Security Solutions & Services


Take advantage of the power, scalability, and adaptability of enterprise cloud solutions with the assurance that your data and information are secure. Withum’s cloud security solutions and services help keep your data safe from threats and disasters. Our cloud security specialists are readily available to help find the right cloud solution for your company -- ensuring protection without compromising functionality.

Enterprise Compliance & Cloud Security Services

As the B2B business landscape undergoes a digital transformation, the management of a secure cloud service is on everyone's mind. At Withum, our team of cybersecurity solutions experts help you to understand how leading Microsoft technologies make compliance easy to adhere to. They assist with both threat detection and device management in an increasingly remote and BYOD workplace. Through our cloud security solutions and services, you’ll gain greater control over sensitive proprietary and personal identification information, while giving your employees the flexibility to use their devices securely. We’ll work alongside you as your trusted Microsoft partner to create a more secure cloud environment.

Cloud Disaster Recovery Planning

Cloud-based disaster recovery ensures the preservation of your organization’s information in the event of hardware or software failure of IT systems. When was the last time you reviewed your disaster recovery plan -- or, do you even have one? We make sure, that in the event of a disaster, your organization’s vital information and data is stored in a secondary location, and is accessible at all times.

Though these situations are not ideal, a disaster recovery plan can ensure business continuity. As part of our cloud security services, Withum helps your organization safely transfer your data to the cloud, and successfully recover your information in the event of a crisis. Setting up disaster recovery workflows before disaster strikes is critical to ensuring both the success of data recovery and the application availability to your users. Withum works to mitigate risks, discover potential threats, and create a plan before it’s too late.

Let Withum help with your cloud security needs before it is too late. Contact a cloud security specialist today, or give us a call at 240-406-9960.

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