Cybersecurity Threat Detection Services

How Can Your Organization Preemptively Detect Suspicious Activity?

When cybersecurity and IT protection plans and procedures have been established, it’s imperative that organizations determine the success of those procedures. The best way to avoid consequences of a cybersecurity attack is to learn how to detect suspicious activity before it happens.

As a branch of our cybersecurity solutions and services, Withum looks inside your company externally, deploying one, or a combination of the following of white hat techniques to pinpoint weak spots in IT and network security:

  • Penetration Tests:
    Determine how people crack the door and get into your network, files etc.
  • Vulnerability Scans:
    Use proprietary technology to hook up to network and look for suspicious activity.
  • Phising As A Service:
    Test employees’ responses with live (white hat) phishing attacks.
  • Ethical Hacking:
    Live hacking attempt -- We provide a report on what was hacked and how.

After we deploy any of our threat detection services, we provide a comprehensive report on what information and assets we were able to access, and how we were able to access them. Due to the sensitive nature of patient information, there are some limitations with phishing as-a-service, and ethical hacking services for potential clients within the healthcare industry.

If you’re interested in threat detection services for your organization, contact a Withum cybersecurity consultant online, or give us a call at 240-348-5208.

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