Custom Cloud Implementation Services


Withum’s custom cloud implementation services help organizations minimize the risk of switching to the cloud, cut back on migration errors, and ensure any existing enterprise cloud solutions are operating quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Withum’s cloud consultants are experts at executing all stages of a cloud implementation; from strategy and assessment, to planning, migrating and implementing, all the way through to post-implementation maintenance and training.

Supporting Your Cloud Computing Implementation Every Step of the Way

Whether your cloud integration strategy is in early development, already deployed, or non-existent, Withum’s cloud implementation services help your organization deploy an enterprise cloud solution plan in the most efficient way possible. Our cloud consultants have decades of experience working with tech teams on isolated projects, but we also have the robust capabilities to provide comprehensive IT strategy, assessment, and planning support through our CIO advisory services.

Withum provides cloud implementation services for organizations looking to increase flexibility, scalability, and security by moving their workloads to the cloud in a secure and efficient way. To start, we analyze current workloads and processes, identifying opportunities for automation and assessing any functional or security related gaps. Then, based on organizational initiatives, budget, and both long and short-term goals, we formulate a cloud migration strategy to help prioritize efforts. Finally, after your cloud migration, integration, and deployment is complete, we provide the training to foster user engagement, as well as regular maintenance support.

A smooth cloud implementation will allow your organization to improve efficiency without missing a beat. Our cloud consultants have the experience and know-how to help build, integrate, migrate and deploy custom enterprise cloud solutions tailored to your organization. Even after your cloud implementation is complete, we continue to provide strategic support surrounding decisions that impact risk management, integration, and the continuing operation of your cloud solution.

Looking for a full-service cloud implementation? Contact an enterprise cloud consultant today, or give us a call at 240-406-9960.

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“We’ve worked with other Microsoft consultants in the past, but none have matched Withum's level of technical expertise and knowledge of Microsoft’s technology.”

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