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Transform the way your business operates through our corporate intranet solutions. Effective communication and information management is foundational to the success and growth of any organization, and it begins with corporate intranet design and development.

A corporate intranet is a private, secure platform that helps your employees collaborate effectively. Through our intranet customization services, your enterprise solution can evolve into something much more powerful. Users should be able to log into the corporate intranet from any location, on any device, and be able to gain immediate access to a centralized place where they can share files, send emails, create meetings, and perform other functions unique to your organization. A successfully functioning corporate intranet solution spurs innovation, fosters growth and efficiency and results in significant time and cost savings. It’s also scalable, growing comfortably as your business landscape evolves. At Withum, we’ll analyze your current corporate intranet design and provide strategic direction on how best to implement a new enterprise solution and help you determine what the goals of your company intranet should be.

Custom Corporate Intranet Solutions

When implementing or upgrading to a new enterprise intranet solution, you’ll have to decide between an out-of-the-box turnkey intranet like OneWindow Workplace, or a custom intranet design built on one of the various platforms, like Office 365 or Microsoft SharePoint. Regardless of your choice, in order to fully realize the organizational benefits of any corporate intranet portal, make sure it includes the following features:


Enterprise Search Capabilities

Give your employees the ability to both discover and retrieve the relevant information when they need it most. With a customized enterprise search solution, the time savings can be significant, enabling users to quickly sift through large amount of information. Working within a hybrid intranet? No problem -- we can create a search that spans both your on-premise and cloud-based files.




Intelligent Workflows & Forms

If you’re still using paper forms in your organization, valuable time is being wasted. Through intelligent corporate intranet design and development, it’s easy to increase efficiency and accelerate important business processes, through workflow automation. Dramatically cut down on the time your employees spend handling all types of tasks, including administrative activities like expense reports and leave requests.


enterprise-social-networkingEase of Communication

Encourage collaboration through a purpose-driven communication platform. Create a central hub for users to be able to touch-base onassignments, ask questions, make comments and share general industry knowledge. The capabilities of your communication tool will vary based off organizational requirements and restrictions, but many enterprises are now choosing to opt for a social enterprise solution, like Microsoft Yammer. 



Do you need a new corporate intranet solution? Take a look at our 7-Point Checklist, and see what your company intranet is missing.
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Full Service Corporate Intranet Design & Development

When you choose Withum for your enterprise intranet solution, you gain access to our full suite of digital workplace services. Our certified team of professionals function as your trusted advisor throughout the digital transformation journey, dedicated to providing you with personalized recommendations, training and post-installation support and security monitoring. We’ll start with a careful analysis of your existing corporate intranet and we’ll use those findings to develop a comprehensive plan. We’ll brief your IT team on what to expect during the implementation process and we’ll provide extensive migration support, so your organizational transition goes smoothly. We’ve implemented hundreds of corporate intranet solutions, and continue to provide our clients with:

Completely Customized Intranets

Every organization has different goals and requirements, and your organization’s intranet is no exception. Through our analysis and planning phases, we take a granular look at your business processes, gaining a thorough understanding of how each moving piece functions. We identify opportunities for automation, detect missing capabilities, and develop unique solutions designed to boost efficiency and productivity.

Worry-Free Migration Support

If you're implementing a corporate intranet for the first time, or upgrading your legacy enterprise intranet solution, migration support can be a huge concern. We work closely with your IT team to ensure there’s no interruption to your day-to-day activities, and your data and information stays secure and intact throughout the transfer process. Through understanding and instruction, we adequately prepare your IT team for the move, while addressing any migration concerns we may have identified in our analysis.

Education & Training

Once your corporate intranet portal is complete, adequate education and training is needed in order to realize the maximum benefits it can offer. An initial training is necessary to acclimate your employees to the new and improved features of your new company intranet. Ongoing training is encouraged, especially as your intranet continues to evolve with your organizational needs.

Compliance Help & Security Monitoring

Different industries require different levels of security and compliance needs. Our IT professionals determine exactly what those security needs are, if you’re currently meeting all the required compliance standards, and identify areas of concern. Getting ahead of security and compliance concerns early is imperative to saving your organization valuable time and money.

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