Do I Really Need a Power BI Partner? (Hint: Yes, You Do)

Power BI can be an incredible asset for your business. However, getting the most out of the platform takes the right configuration and the proper pulling of data from all of your sources.

Thanks to Microsoft’s Power BI Partner Program, your organization has a fast track to sourcing the right Power BI solutions provider. This allows organizations to receive significantly more value from business intelligence at a faster rate.

For years, Portal Solutions has been able to bring sophisticated data analytics to firms of every size. Now, as a Microsoft Power BI partner, our consultants are able to rapidly deliver enterprise-ready solutions that produce a positive return on your investment and enhance your organization’s capabilities.

Keep reading to learn more about the Microsoft Power BI Partner Program, how it helps your organization, and if Portal Solutions’ partnership with Microsoft is the right fit for you.

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What is the Microsoft Power BI Partner Program?

Even though Power BI is simple to implement compared to other BI solutions, it’s still critical to work with someone who understands effective implementation planning, execution, and maintenance. Your Power BI solutions provider needs to understand how to anticipate, mitigate, and respond to challenges when pulling data from different databases into your unique Power BI implementation.

Microsoft’s Power BI Partner Program helps companies needing Power BI implementation find qualified, trained, and experienced solution implementation providers. In short, this program makes it easy to source the right expertise, so you can be confident in your Power BI consultant.  

To become a Microsoft Power BI partner, solutions providers need to demonstrate strength in the Power BI market. They also need to receive training from Microsoft and become certified. Once they have done this, they are included in Microsoft’s Power BI Partner Showcase.

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What’s the Value of Choosing a Power BI Partner?

As big data and business intelligence continues to receive widespread adoption, having a trusted partner is crucial. Microsoft has a clear interest in helping Power BI take as much market share as possible, so it funds training for Microsoft Power BI partners to ensure they can deliver a high value of service to customers.

As part of this training, Power BI Partners also receive tools and services just for them so they can help organizations truly benefit from all Power BI has to offer.

Why Portal Solutions is the Partner for You

Portal Solutions’ track record of rapid growth, strong corporate leadership, extensive Power BI knowledge, and proven success implementing Power BI makes it an ideal choice for any organization. By being involved in the partner program, our Power BI consultants have more experience and training than other consultants.

Portal Solutions also gets direct access to Microsoft Engineering through the Power BI Red Carpet Program, which provides an unprecedented level of support for clients.

Our partnership with Microsoft Power BI enables us to better serve your organization by:

  • Offering better pre-sales, implementation, and post-installation support.
  • Understanding how the product fits your business and selecting the best package for you.
  • Efficiently implementing specific software solutions to deploy quicker and get a positive ROI faster.

By tapping into exclusive Microsoft resources, we are able to accelerate our development of dynamic Power BI solutions and services. From designing and developing insightful dashboards to providing continuous support and training, Portal Solutions' Power BI consultants have you covered.

Learn More About Our Power BI Services

Having a Power BI Partner brings your organization exclusive benefits, access, and a higher lifetime return on investment. Portal Solutions is ready to bring these benefits to you.

See for yourself. We'll take a sample of your data and produce a customized dashboard that brings your data to life. Click here for more.

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