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AZ Container Freight Streamlines and Decentralizes Loading Dock Operations Across the Country

AZ Container_handheld.jpgAZ Container Freight handles “more CBM cargo on the East Coast than any other station.” But, managing container shipping at the large warehouses of each of their websites is a complex process. AZ Container Freight sought to update this process with more convenient, handheld devices that also connected their docking team to the back office system.

Due to Withum's expertise in handheld technologies, they were tasked with providing them with a handheld system that was seamlessly and fully integrated into the rest of their operations. 

Learn How Portal Solutions Helped AZ Container Freight:  
  • Integrate the handheld devices into their preexisted back office system
  • Streamline and decentralize their freight process
  • Made managing their container shipping more efficient and accurate

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