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How Much Does a SharePoint UI/UX Design Project Cost?

Posted by Adam Krueger on February 22, 2016

Unfortunately there is no easy, straightforward answer to the question, “How much does a SharePoint UI/UX design project cost?”

That's because just as the question “How much does a car cost?” has a range of answers depending on the range of features you need (GPS? A powerful engine? Two, five or seven seats?), the cost of a SharePoint UI/UX design project depends on a number of variables. Those include the scope of the project, as well as the business objectives that it needs to satisfy.

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Gauging And Improving The SharePoint User Experience

Posted by Chris Poteet on January 6, 2016

Microsoft SharePoint offers a lot of useful functionality, but let’s be honest – the user experience is far from perfect. The SharePoint user interface is not as consistent or cohesive as many would expect for such an important product. Often that leaves organizations and their technical consultants having to build a layer on top of the standard SharePoint UI to facilitate navigation and interaction with content within the application.

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How Do I Make SharePoint Not Look Like SharePoint?

Posted by Chris Poteet on September 24, 2015

Sharepoint is a highly customizable platform.  We are often asked how to make SharePoint align with the look and feel of brand standards of the client. Without a doubt, the visual aesthetics are an important element of the finished product.  But these efforts can be costly and often distract from important questions about function. 

Success with SharePoint should ultimately be measured by how much business value it delivers to the organization. A well-developed SharePoint site should be impactful in both function and form, with a keen focus on helping users reach their objectives easily and intuitively.

The following are some guidelines for properly aligning SharePoint customization initiatives with business objectives and goals.

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