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5 Things You Need to Know Before Upgrading from On-Premise LYNC to Skype for Business

Posted by Max Hervé on December 14, 2016

Are you confused and maybe even overwhelmed by the migration process from LYNC to Skype for Business?

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Skype Team Chat: What Microsoft Teams Means for Skype for Business

Posted by Max Hervé on December 8, 2016

Business messaging has come a long way since the Google Wave experiment. The demo for Google Wave promised to be somewhere between email and chat. It was a hybrid system that allowed teams to stay in constant communication and see conversation history. But Google’s vision didn’t work out.

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A Sitecore CMS Review: The Future of Your Public-Facing Websites

Posted by Kalpana Sivanandan on November 1, 2016

Microsoft Discontinues the SharePoint Online Public Website Feature

One of our longest-running contracts is with a Federal client who was searching for a vendorto perform the daunting task of consolidating more than twenty-five public-facing websites into a single website built on SharePoint 2010 CMS. After searching for a vendor to work with, they selected our team due to our extensive experience with SharePoint.

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4 Essential Considerations Before You Move To The Cloud

Posted by Dale Tuttle on January 25, 2016

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Moving to the cloud can have significant benefits for your business. However, there is quite a bit of preparation you need to do first, before you greenlight any potential cloud-based initiative.

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Practical Cloud Planning: Impacts And Opportunities

Posted by Dale Tuttle on January 20, 2016

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Moving to the cloud offers a great opportunity to improve and even transform the IT infrastructure within your organization. Unfortunately, many businesses don't truly appreciate the fact that they are moving to the cloud when they start using a software package such as Office 365 (or Google for that matter). As a result, they don't plan the transition well and fail to make the most of new opportunities the cloud platform can provide.

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