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How To Take Full Advantage of Your Microsoft 365 Business Investment

Posted by Adam Levithan on January 25, 2019

Microsoft 365 Business is the new name in town, and includes Office 365, Windows 10 along with the Enterprise Mobility + Security. Whether you have the full subscription at the Business or Enterprise level, this article will focus on one of the first investment, Office 365.

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How Microsoft 365 is Solving Life Sciences' Top 5 Challenges

Posted by Daniel Cohen-Dumani on January 23, 2018

Microsoft is known for creating top-notch, stand-alone platforms with robust capabilities and enterprise grade security features. Unfortunately, they’ve also developed a reputation of a laggard when it comes to integrating their products, and implementing collaboration features into their software. However, with the recent release of Microsoft 365, we’re starting to see the tech-giant shift away from their traditional models and provide organizations, like those in the Life Sciences field, with the comprehensive solution they’ve been looking for.

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