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How AI, Enterprise Chat and Virtual Agents Are Driving Efficiency

Posted by Daniel Cohen-Dumani on February 19, 2019

The Digital Workplace is transforming into the Intelligent Workplace — and fast. The technologies behind mainstream consumer bots and virtual agents (we’re talking to you, Siri and Alexa) are now making their way into the enterprise space. Buckle up, and get ready for the future of the workplace!

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Featured in CMSWire: We're Just Starting to Tap AI's Potential in the Workplace

Posted by Daniel Cohen-Dumani on February 15, 2019

Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed the rapid increase of artificial intelligent agents and bots in the consumer space (Hi, Alexa) — but now enterprises are effectively leveraging those same capabilities. In this CMSWire articleWithum's Daniel Cohen-Dumani, discusses how AI can help employees be more productive.

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Microsoft Build 2018: Azure, AI, Graph, Office 365 Announcement Highlights

Posted by Phil Demro on May 11, 2018

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I am grateful for the opportunity to attend Build this year and I am excited to highlight some of the Azure & Office 365 announcements gathered from keynotes and various sessions in Seattle. 

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What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Posted by John Tate on February 23, 2018

You’ve seen it mentioned in articles, press releases, and in conference speeches – and for good reason. No longer the stuff of science fiction, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the most talked about topics in business and beyond. For all the excitement surrounding AI, details tend to be a little thin. A company or product is “Powered by Artificial Intelligence” or “Uses Advanced AI to Solve <your problem goes here>.” But what does this mean? What are they really doing? What is AI?

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