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Posted by Jill Hannemann on October 22, 2018

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From employee engagement to the bottom line, Microsoft Teams is transforming collaboration and how teams engage in teamwork. It’s hard to deny the numbers; statistics are showing the correlation to the benefits of teamwork from employee retention through to how much more agile and innovative your organization can be through effective teamwork.

The time has never been more right to adopt Microsoft Teams and expose your teams to the transformative capabilities of this platform.  At Microsoft Ignite 2018, Microsoft revealed a significant number of developments coming to the platform.  The most significant of these updates revolve around the administration and management capabilities coming to Teams.  These highly requested features are going to enable many organizations adopt Teams and provide governance where they weren’t able to before.  To learn more about these updates, check out this recent post by Microsoft MVP, Melissa Hubbard. 

Other notable mentions from Ignite include the industry and role based Teams experiences and the powerful meeting tools.

The industry and role-based Teams experiences are industry and/or role-based workflows that tailor the content within Teams to the nuances of the work experience for the types of worker.  Microsoft uses the example of first line workers who work on shift-based schedules, factory workers, store clerks, etc.  The experience tailors the Home experience on the Teams mobile app to present relevant information and functions important for their work day, such as shift/break schedules, or reviewing the daily briefing for news and announcements.  There is also a shift management component that can allow managers to schedule shifts and enable workers to accept or request a shift change.

Powerful meeting tool enhancements are also coming to Microsoft Teams.  These include background blur for video calls, allowing you to maintain privacy of your surroundings while taking advantage of the power of video collaboration.  It also includes meeting recordings and cloud video interoperability with 3rd party conferencing and communication equipment like Polycom, BlueJeans and Pexip.

There are many more enhancements that were announced at Ignite.  If you’d like to learn more about Microsoft Teams and discuss your teamwork scenarios, Withum Digital is offering a one-hour complimentary consultation to help you get started with Teams.

Let a partner help you understand how best to leverage Microsoft Teams within your organization.  This is too important to delay, but with so many changes and nuances, a great opportunity to work with a group who specializes with Microsoft Teams.

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