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At Withum Digital our mission is to deliver digital solutions that users love. We focus on encouraging user adoption and creating technology solutions people will actually use. Built on the latest Microsoft digital workplace technology and other technology, our solutions make our clients more adept at leveraging and managing their organizational knowledge — driving down time and cost for knowledge workers.

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Podcast Episode #21 - How Microsoft Teams is Disrupting the Workplace

Posted by Withum Digital on January 22, 2019

On this episode of the Digital Workplace Today Podcast, Withum Digital's Jill Hannemann and Microsoft MVPs Adam Levithan and Melissa Hubbard talk about how Microsoft Teams is disrupting today's workplaces.



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Podcast Episode #20 - It's Budgeting Time for 2019

Posted by Withum Digital on November 9, 2018

On this episode of the Digital Workplace Today Podcast, Withum Digital's Microsoft MVPs take over!  

Learn more about each of our MVPs, Adam Levithan, Melissa Hubbard, Prashant Bhoyar and Fabian Williams, and hear what they suggest to invest in next year.

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Questions and Answers from Our Webinar: A Demo of Microsoft Teams

Posted by Withum Digital on September 18, 2018

Microsoft MVPs Melissa Hubbard and Matthew Bailey hosted a great webinar, A Demo of Microsoft Teams, and got many questions and great feedback during the session.  We needed more than just 60 minutes to cover it all. In this post, they rounded up the questions and answered them for you.

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Benefits of an ERP Solution for Wholesale Distributors

Posted by Withum Digital on April 16, 2018


We must approach advice given with a solid dose of humility. I cringe when I hear someone state a business problem and the first words that come out are “that’s easy…”. The pains and struggles of running a distributing business are real, complex and not easily fixed. This rules out the “it’s easy” propositions.  Unlike you, I have not personally experienced the challenges you face with your business, however, one does not have to necessarily live your experiences to have a good idea of the problems and their solution; any doctor can tell you that.

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Guide For Selecting An ERP Solution: So Many Options, So Little Time

Posted by Withum Digital on March 23, 2018

Is your accounting software causing you grief? So many organizations must use spreadsheets to manage their business. Perhaps you concluded you need an accounting package that does it all and now you are shopping around. 

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