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Jill Hannemann

Jill Hannemann is a Principal at Withum. She is a recognized expert on the topics of portal strategy, governance and information architecture, and has a passion for transforming corporate intranets into digital workplaces that people love to use.

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The Importance of Having an Adoption Plan for Microsoft Teams

Posted by Jill Hannemann on January 31, 2019

History is known to repeat itself. When speaking to clients, we have nearly the same conversations around Microsoft Teams adoption as we did around SharePoint adoption 10 years ago. If you don’t want your Microsoft Teams instance to become the wild west, you need to develop both governance and adoption plans to maintain order, keep the environment clean and secure, and leverage the capabilities and features to their full advantage.

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Defining Your Microsoft Teams Governance Plan

Posted by Jill Hannemann on January 22, 2019

Put simply, Microsoft Teams just happened to everyone. Most tenants received a letter from Microsoft stating that, if they implemented the most recent update (which is recommended), their users would have unrestricted access to the application Microsoft Teams. Given its robust features and capabilities, in addition to its simple and intuitive UX, it’s no surprise that the utilization of Teams has taken off — quicker than most companies can get a handle on it.

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Featured in CMSWire: Find the Right Collaboration Tool Fit for Your Digital Workplace

Posted by Jill Hannemann on December 3, 2018

Online collaboration tools are disrupting the workplace. While some bleeding-edge organizations jumped out in front and embraced this technology early, others are now finding that it’s necessary to adopt new collaboration tools or get left behind. In this CMSWire articleWithum's Jill Hannemann, discusses finding the right collaboration tool that fits your digital workplace.

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Microsoft Teams - The Hub for Teamwork [Infographic]

Posted by Jill Hannemann on October 22, 2018

From employee engagement to the bottom line, Microsoft Teams is transforming collaboration and how teams engage in teamwork. It’s hard to deny the numbers; statistics are showing the correlation to the benefits of teamwork from employee retention through to how much more agile and innovative your organization can be through effective teamwork.

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Rely on Teamwork to Be Successful

Posted by Jill Hannemann on October 8, 2018

So much of our productivity and effectiveness is rooted in our ability to establish effective teamwork habits. Teamwork is the very foundation of organizational growth and the ability to influence the marketplace. 

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