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Adam Levithan

Adam is a Principal at Withum and is a Microsoft MVP. He is a seasoned business strategist, SharePoint advocate, and information architect, focusing on designing information management and collaboration solutions leveraging Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 technologies.

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How To Take Full Advantage of Your Microsoft 365 Business Investment

Posted by Adam Levithan on January 25, 2019

Microsoft 365 Business is the new name in town, and includes Office 365, Windows 10 along with the Enterprise Mobility + Security. Whether you have the full subscription at the Business or Enterprise level, this article will focus on one of the first investment, Office 365.

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SPTechCon Austin 2019: The Modern State of SharePoint

Posted by Adam Levithan on January 21, 2019

SPTechCon is back in Austin, in a new location Downtown, and Jill Hannemann and I are excited to participate for the 4th time. While the location is a change, it runs parallel to the evolution of SharePoint and Office 365 – the more things change, the more they stay the same. Our participation this year covers some of the essentials of the Modern experience within SharePoint.

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Getting Office 365 Right: Microsoft Ignite Tour D.C. 2019

Posted by Adam Levithan on January 11, 2019

There is nothing like Microsoft Ignite with 30,000 global attendees, Microsoft Product Team attendance and huge exhibitor list every fall. However, the Microsoft Ignite Tour 2019 coming to Washington, D.C. sure does come close. Some of the same great content, presented by the same great people, with the addition of local experts rounding out the presentation and answering questions at the Microsoft booths.

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Your Intranet & Microsoft Teams: Striking the Balance

Posted by Adam Levithan on December 20, 2018

Out of curiosity I typed “Microsoft Teamwork” in an online search to see what came up. While there was one paid advertisement that came first, the Office 365 Teamwork | Microsoft Office site was second on the list. The topics of the page: Work from anywhere, online meetings, a hub for teamwork, and email and calendaring. On the bottom of the page, under “More teamwork solutions,” you’ll find Intranets and team sites. For over a decade teamwork, collaboration and SharePoint have been synonymous - this internet search shows how times have changed.

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Should You Continue to Invest in Your Classic SharePoint?

Posted by Adam Levithan on September 26, 2018

Let’s get something out of the way! What exactly does it mean to be “classic”? I’m not that big of a car person, but when I think of the word “classic” a 1950’s Corvette comes to mind. If I’m lucky to see one on the road I usually say to myself, “Wow, that’s beautiful — a true classic”. To me, a 1950s Corvette represents the essence of modern sports cars with a style that just we don’t see today. It probably doesn’t drive well, and it would be costly to maintain, but I’d still love to own one. 

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