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Why Use A Newsfeed Instead Of Email To Collaborate?


Tired of seeing a hundred unread emails in your inbox? Wish there was a more effective way to spur employee communication and collaboration?

Enterprise social networking (ESN) platforms are becoming mainstream and replacing intranets and collaborations systems at a rapid pace. One major piece of these ESN platforms is the newsfeed/micro blogs that allow for asynchronous conversations, brainstorming and problem resolutions.

If you’re prospecting an ESN or just want to learn more, don’t miss this free webinar recording. The insightful webinar:

  • Investigates the specific benefits/drawbacks of a newsfeed
  • Analyzes the competitive marketplace (SharePoint, Sitrion/NewsGator, Tibbr, Yammer, etc.)
  • Provides key considerations on how to use social newsfeeds/micro blogs in your organization

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