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Putting workflow automation in place is essential to manage complex processes in functional areas like finance, marketing, sales or IT. But too often, these processes are ill-defined, poorly documented and riddled with inefficiencies. For example, most organizations still rely on inefficient paper-based or email communications for handling approvals, vacation requests and other inter-departmental processes.

Poor workflows hinder enterprise collaboration, slowing or derailing important processes from onboarding new employees to generating sales leads. When nobody takes the time to design a workflow, short-term workarounds take the place of a true solution.

In the digital workplace, however, streamlined digital workflows allow you to start each process electronically, replacing manual paper handling. We help organizations with business process automation by automating workflows in SharePoint and other enterprise collaboration tools available in Office 365, resulting in significant productivity and efficiency gains.

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Automating Workflows In The Digital Workplace

To capture the full benefits of digital workflows and business process automation, you need a strategy for auditing your existing processes. Organizations often set out to document every workflow and are overwhelmed by all the processes that could use automation.

At Withum, we start by looking for ways to streamline or eliminate steps in your workflow before using Office 365 and SharePoint to automate a process. Are all of the steps necessary? Could your process work with fewer approvals? Many companies skip this step, but conducting this process audit improves the effectiveness of your automated workflows. We also help you prioritize your automation efforts, focusing on areas that promise the greatest impact for the least cost.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Your organization could gain additional benefits from cloud-based platforms for enterprise collaboration, such as Office 365/SharePoint Online or a hybrid SharePoint implementation. The cloud frees you to extend the reach of your automated business processes beyond the organization, with the option of including external partners and allowing employees to access workflows and resources from anywhere.

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