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Mobile technology has revolutionized the digital experience for organizations and individuals. Just as people increasingly rely on mobile devices for personal communication, creating and sharing digital media, entertainment, travel and banking, they have come to expect the same functionality in the work environment. Portal Solutions helps bring well-designed mobile solutions into your company’s digital workplace, increasing your efficiency and productivity.

Think of mobile productivity as the ability to access content, communicate with colleagues and clients, and to collaborate effectively wherever you are, on whatever mobile devices you choose. In a mobile digital workplace, you don’t need to wait until you return to the office to complete tasks. It’s easy to sign a document from your phone or edit a spreadsheet on your tablet at the airport.

At Portal Solutions, we leverage SharePoint and Office 365 mobile solutions to help your company become a mobile enterprise, extending access to business technology beyond the desktop and onto your employees’ tablets and phones.

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Designing A SharePoint Mobile Solution


A successful mobile enterprise initiative starts with identifying a specific need for a mobile solution and then works backward. You might want to consider starting with your salespeople, because they’re frequently in the field. If you have a need for better communication with customers, on the other hand, a mobile app could improve the sales team’s responsiveness.

With the right mobile strategy, there’s no need for tasks to pile up while employees are away from the office. For sales representatives, for example, mobile solutions offer ways to stay on top of communications and tasks while on the road. Similarly, a construction company that needs photographs of completed projects could create a way for workers to complete a SharePoint form from a mobile device, so they’re able to take a photo and file it in the workflow from the field instead of waiting to use a computer.

Our experts can help you set strategy and leverage mobile productivity tools that are right for your business needs.

Mobile Enterprise In A BYOD Environment

Since both small and large organizations often take a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approach to mobile enterprise, the main challenge in developing an app is to provide a consistent user experience across all devices and operating systems used by your employees. We can help you develop a mobile strategy that uses third-party solutions to enable BYOD and secure business information on these devices.

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