Hybrid Alternatives For Your SharePoint Intranet

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If your company is required to keep sensitive business information on-premises, you might think that the advantages of cloud-based collaboration are closed to you. But the truth is, you can have the best of both worlds: A hybrid alternative that combines the security of an on-premises intranet with the scalability and cost-effectiveness of the cloud.

At Portal Solutions, we constantly evaluate new technologies to help our customers take advantage of the latest technical advances, while weighing the cost and risk factors inherent in adopting new technologies.

By adding to your existing infrastructure with SharePoint Online and the Office 365 cloud productivity suite, you’re able to move less-sensitive aspects of your intranet to the cloud and minimize risks by keeping sensitive information that can’t be moved securely on-premises.

Portal Solutions integrates these digital environments through single-sign-on technology and seamless navigation design so that you’re able to easily work across both systems. By storing everyday documents in Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage and your company’s financial documents on-premises, we make it easy to navigate smoothly between them.

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