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Seamless collaboration and communication tools are essential in the digital workplace. Our Office 365 and SharePoint solutions support real-time collaboration, allowing organizations and their employees to share information effectively and collaborate on projects with team members, regardless of geographical location.

Withum builds on the Office 365 platform to create sustainable collaborative environments, supporting productivity and meeting your business needs for retaining important content and institutional knowledge.

Not sure if Office 365 is the right for you? Check out our corporate intranet solutions page where we discuss both our custom and out-of-the-box intranet services.

To learn more about how Withum uses Office 365 to improve your collaboration process, please select one of these seven key functionalities:

Content & Document Management
Office 365 and SharePoint document management solutions offer a centralized, streamlined system that makes it easy for people to store, share and find information.

Mobile Productivity
Bringing a well-designed mobile solution into your company’s digital workplace is a great way to increase efficiency and productivity.

Social Enterprise
Social technology offers a professional environment for connecting with peers, sharing content and having conversations in the digital workplace.

Workflow, Forms & Business Process Automation
In the digital workplace, streamlined digital workflows replace manual paper handling, and automated processes improve productivity and efficiency.

Communication & Collaboration
Enterprise collaboration and communication tools are essential in the digital workplace, allowing employees to co-author documents from any location.

Enterprise Search
Are people able to discover relevant content quickly on your Office 365 or SharePoint intranet? Learn how enterprise search improves findability and ease of use.

Hybrid Alternatives: Cloud/On-Premises
Is your company required to keep sensitive information on-premises? You can still get the advantages of a cloud intranet with Office 365 (SharePoint Online).

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