SharePoint 2013 Development & Consulting Services

SharePoint 2013 Development Services

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is an enterprise collaboration environment that transforms the way businesses connect people, content, and data, while increasing the efficiency of business processes. At Withum, we offer a variety of SharePoint 2013 development and design services including custom SharePoint intranet designs as well as adding unique features into your existing SharePoint platform, like enterprise search functionality and business intelligence tools, creating frameworks for document management, and discovering opportunities for task automation. We’ll personalize your platform by creating customized SharePoint 2013 workflows, and by integrating those workflows with third-party applications.

Looking to upgrade your intranet from SharePoint 2013? -- we can take care of that. Since its launch, there have been two more iterations of SharePoint 2013 released; SharePoint Online, a cloud-based version of the platform, and most recently, the updated, on-premise SharePoint 2016.

If upgrading isn’t an option just yet, that’s okay too. After taking a look at how you currently use SharePoint, our consultants will guide you through the intricacies of the platform, and highlight the best and most effective SharePoint 2013 features to bring maximum efficiency and productivity to your organization.

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SharePoint 2013 Development & Design Services

Our SharePoint 2013 developers and designers have years of experience, and many implementations under their belt. If you’re looking to make the most out of your SharePoint 2013 platform, Withum offers SharePoint development services that can dramatically enhance your SharePoint intranet and save your employees time.

Custom SharePoint 2013 Workflows

Our knowledgeable SharePoint 2013 experts can help you re-design, or setup automated workflows to manage both simple and complex business processes in your organization. By adding logic to system and human procedures, workflows can eliminate unnecessary time spent doing automated tasks, and can greatly increase efficiency. With the proper workflows in place, you can free up valuable time for your employees. At Withum, we can examine your existing SharePoint 2013 workflows and help you find new tasks fit for automation, or we can streamline existing ones, uncovering even more time-saving opportunities. There are many ways we’re able to extend the functionality of your platform, including setting-up workflow integrations with a variety of third-party applications.

SharePoint 2013 Custom Workflows

Assistance with Third Party Integrations

SharePoint 2013 Third Party Integrations

Is your intranet lacking a capability that SharePoint 2013 doesn’t offer? -- Let’s talk third party add-ins. Our SharePoint 2013 developers can walk you through the many different kinds of applications that can help boost your productivity, and make it easier on your employees (the one’s that don’t know code) to use SharePoint at its full capacity. Whatever your capability needs, we can help you choose an app from the SharePoint Add-in store, or find a workaround with another third-party solution to achieve the level of functionality your organization requires. Looking for some cloud capability? We’ll help you discover the apps that support workflow functionality both on-premise and through the cloud.


Looking for SharePoint 2013 development services? Click here to schedule a free consultation, or give us a call at (240) 406-9960.

Thinking About An Upgrade?

With the latest releases of SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2016, you may be considering a switch. Both releases are faster, more stable, and SharePoint Online comes with the option to create a cost-effective hybrid solution --combining your subscription with other Microsoft products, like Office 365.

SharePoint 2016 is the newest on-premise release in Microsoft’s SharePoint suite. It retains the functionality of its predecessors, but performs much better on mobile devices and has an improved user experience. It comes complete with a more simplified file storing system, without sacrificing any of its trusted security features. SharePoint 2016 also offers many asked-for features, missing in previous iterations like Hybrid Search, Data Loss Prevention, and durable links. As SharePoint’s latest iteration, you can also be sure of long-standing support from Microsoft.

If cost is a major factor in your decision to upgrade your intranet, you may want to take a look at SharePoint Online, Office 365, or a hybrid combination of the two. If you have concerns about switching to the cloud from an on-premise solution, read our blog post Is SharePoint Online the Right Choice for Your Intranet?

Upgrading from SharePoint 2013

If you’re serious about making the switch to SharePoint 2016, or SharePoint Online, Withum can help. We don’t just offer SharePoint 2013 development services, but are fully equipped to handle any SharePoint upgrade in its entirety.

Prior to an upgrade, we analyze the current architecture and infrastructure of your intranet, and use our discoveries as the foundation for a new plan. During the upgrade, our consultants work with your IT team to make sure no information is lost or misplaced, and we’ll walk them through the customization and design phases of your new solution. We’ll make sure your upgraded platform has everything you need-- all the improved features of your old management system, and then some. If you’re concerned how upgrading will effect your day to day, we encourage you to speak with a SharePoint 2013 consultant to learn the details of how an upgrade works, or you can check out our blog post on whether or not you should migrate to SharePoint 2016.

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