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Effective knowledge sharing and information management are increasingly important in the digital workplace. We offer a range of services that improve these processes in the digital workplace, including strategy, design and user adoption support.

Portal Solutions provides guidance in defining the vision for your digital workplace and the strategy for getting the maximum value from SharePoint and Office 365. We’ll also help with designing your SharePoint user experience, drawing on our expertise with SharePoint requirements, information architecture, social media integration, governance, training and adoption support.

We focus on strategically aligning SharePoint and Office 365 to meet your most critical business needs. In our 250+ implementations, we have found that strategic planning is the key to successful user adoption and implementing the solution on time and under budget.

We want to share our experience with you to create a completely tailored approach to addressing the business needs that are most pivotal to you. Our services include:

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“We’ve worked with other Microsoft SharePoint consultants in the past, but none have matched Portal Solutions’ level of technical expertise and knowledge of Microsoft’s SharePoint Platform.”

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