Nintex Workflow Solutions: Who, Why, and the Benefits

Posted by Jenny Lynch on October 9, 2017

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Workflow solutions allow your organization to automate paper-based processes to maximize efficiency. With custom business process workflow solutions, there’s no need to waste time on manual processes, because you will be well on your way to digital transformation. Though the configuration of workflow automation can be simple, many times organizations struggle with getting started. We’re here to help you understand the who’s, what’s, and why’s of automated workflow solutions.

Who Uses Workflow Solutions?

Workflow solutions benefit every department and in your organization. From your IT department to sales & marketing, workflow solutions have the power to increase the productivity of each department in your organization. Workflow solutions can be used in employee onboarding and hiring, event planning, travel requests, and even in customer sales. The opportunities are endless in increasing the efficiency of each and every one of your employees, and can help with improving overall morale.

Why Use Workflow Solutions?

Our Nintex workflow solutions are used to power and streamline your processes in the most intuitive way possible. Workflows can improve your organization's task efficiency, from the day to day monotonous tasks to the occasional elaborate functions. Nintex has many workflow solution tools to help your organization grow at a sustainable rate.

Nintex Forms is one tool used to build and customize forms, making it easier to get the data you need. Nintex Forms are user-friendly, web-friendly, and mobile-friendly and allow your organization to convert paper forms into digital data that accessible on the go. The forms can be seamlessly integrated into your workflows and customized to eliminate the manual efforts of your employees, keeping everyone more organized. Nintex Forms are just one of the many workflow solution tools that can help your organization thrive.

What Are the Benefits of Workflow Solutions?

The benefits are endless when implementing workflow solutions into your organization. A major benefit of workflow solutions is reducing business expenses and the resulting increased productivity that radiates throughout the organization.

By utilizing Nintex Forms to simplify leave requests, this organization was able to reduce business expenses by $10,000 per month. Employees were able to update submitted forms with ease while the HR department was able to sync forms with their existing systems. This is just one instance of an organization that used Nintex’s workflow solutions to benefit their organization; the opportunities are endless with custom workflow solutions. 

Streamline Your Workflows Today!

To learn more about workflow solutions and the benefits it could have on your organization, schedule a consultation with one of our workflow specialists today!

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