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Nintex Workflow Solutions: Who, Why, and the Benefits

Posted by Jenny Lynch on October 9, 2017

Workflow solutions allow your organization to automate paper-based processes to maximize efficiency. With custom business process workflow solutions, there’s no need to waste time on manual processes, because you will be well on your way to digital transformation. Though the configuration of workflow automation can be simple, many times organizations struggle with getting started. We’re here to help you understand the who’s, what’s, and why’s of automated workflow solutions.

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The 4 Biggest Challenges of Working with Advanced SharePoint Workflows in Office 365

Posted by Prashant G Bhoyar on April 5, 2016

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We've talked about SharePoint workflows in the past, but what is an advanced SharePoint workflow? Typically, it’s a workflow that started out as simple approval workflow with couple of approval steps and then gradually evolved to become more complicated with complex business logic over time. You could therefore end up working with advanced SharePoint workflows without realizing it, as your original workflows naturally develop.

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Podcast Episode #16 - The State of Workflows in 2016

Posted by Jenny Lynch on March 11, 2016

On this episode of the Digital Workplace Today Podcast, we talk with a first time guest- Cat Norris, UX Developer at Portal Solutions. We discuss all of the latest news and updates regarding Nintex and workflows. A lot of exciting things are coming up on the workflow front, particularly with SharePoint 2016 coming out this year.

Listen to this episode to hear it all, or read the show notes for an overview of the conversation and links to some of the key items we discussed. 

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How To Automate Workflows In SharePoint

Posted by Sherry Goode on February 24, 2016

You’ve probably heard us talk about SharePoint workflows before. In particular, we’ve gone into great detail about the importance of clearly defining your business process automation strategy before you start to build automated workflows in SharePoint. But once you've defined those business processes, what comes next?

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3 Best Practices For Workflows In SharePoint

Posted by Sherry Goode on February 15, 2016

At its core, the function of a SharePoint workflow automation design is to make life around the office for employees easier and more efficient by automating once-manual processes. For example, your organization may have a manual approval process that involves physically moving a document from department to department, and stakeholder to stakeholder for their feedback and revisions, which then needs to be compiled into a single, final version. (Whew.)

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