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3 Ways To Improve Efficiency With User Experience Design

Posted by Portal Solutions on September 15, 2014

An industrial design team wants to improve on a standard pair of pruning shears. Standard shears were designed well for the average adult, but don’t accommodate those outside the average.

When used by strong people, for example, the hinge often would break. On the other extreme, the shears weren’t comfortable for those with weak hands or arthritis.

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How To Create A Strong SharePoint User Experience

Posted by Portal Solutions on September 12, 2014

When it comes to your SharePoint development projects, investing time and effort in user experience has benefits in terms of perceived value, brand value and building the right solutions. But if your SharePoint user experience is poor, you’re going to pay for it one way or another — if not in development costs, then in additional support or lack of user adoption.

If your organization doesn’t take the time to incorporate user insights into your SharePoint intranet, for instance, you’re likely to find that users look for alternatives and develop workarounds. Perhaps Google’s Professional Document Suite seems like a magic bullet, but once the novelty wears off, you’ll run into the same user experience problems. There’s just no way of getting around it.

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Does Persona Development Improve User Experience?

Posted by Portal Solutions on September 10, 2014

No website or intranet design decision you make is going to please every user, every time — nor should it. When you’re creating an optimal user experience for your target audience or audiences, their needs and preferences take priority. While some general usability principles apply for virtually all audiences (the design needs to be usable, useful, desirable and adoptable), it’s essential to understand how your user groups respond to the interface and information architecture.

Developers have a number of ways to represent audience research and analysis, including user stories and usage scenarios. One useful method, especially when developing public websites, is to create user personas that represent your key audience segments.

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How Does User Experience Affect Your SharePoint Development ROI?

Posted by Portal Solutions on September 8, 2014

When you improve the user experience in SharePoint development projects, you’re providing a better product, and that tends to increase your return on investment (ROI) across the board.

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How Do Focus Groups And Testing Help Improve User Experience Design?

Posted by Portal Solutions on September 5, 2014

When you’re developing a website, intranet, extranet or interface, you’re using design to solve a business problem. But the first obstacle you typically encounter is that the various stakeholders involved have different opinions about how people think and work.

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