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Creating Adoptable Business Solutions

Posted by Adam Krueger on June 28, 2017

User adoption is more than a buzzword - it’s what drives many of our decisions along the road from solution conception to implementation.

Before tackling the challenge of user adoption, one must answer the question: “what if we are successful?” If the user successfully adopts a given solution, what are the intended outcomes? We call these business objectives.

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Best Practices for Promoting User Adoption with Your Governance Strategy

Posted by Chris Poteet on April 6, 2016

The classic struggle between your IT department and your end users has always originated in governance. Because, let's face it: Someone has to set limits on what can and can't be done through a company app, as well as who has and doesn't have access to different sets of data.

As the IT professional, you know apps have limits, but you also recognize that no amount of governance – large or small – matters if the apps aren't used as the tools they ultimately are.

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When It Comes to User Adoption, Educate – Don’t Train

Posted by Chris Poteet on March 28, 2016

Behind the scenes of many modern and successful businesses is an intranet platform that enhances productivity and promotes collaboration. The problem, however, is that many companies approach the deployment of a new intranet solution from a training perspective. Instead, you should be looking at how you can educate your employees.

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How To Improve User Adoption

Posted by Joshua Steiner on January 13, 2016

Popular as it may be, the sentiment, “If you build it, they will come,” is unfortunately the biggest pitfall in driving user adoption. The disconnect typically comes from IT thinkers who are comfortable working with the bleeding edge of technology, but have less of an understanding of the process around actually getting users to adopt a new business application.

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4 Essential Elements To Ensure User Adoption Of Your Digital Workplace

Posted by Daniel Cohen-Dumani on June 24, 2015

When you’re introducing new technologies or new ways of working (or both) you also need the right strategies, processes and expertise as you set out on your journey to user adoption. Even if you have the best tools on the market and tailor them to fit your organization’s exact needs, getting users on board is often a challenge.

To succeed in user adoption terms, your digital workplace demands thorough, research-based design, expert implementation and migration, change management and ongoing support.

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