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Rely on Teamwork to Be Successful

Posted by Jill Hannemann on October 8, 2018

So much of our productivity and effectiveness is rooted in our ability to establish effective teamwork habits. Teamwork is the very foundation of organizational growth and the ability to influence the marketplace. 

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Most Popular Features in Office 365 and What You Should be Using

Posted by Jill Hannemann on October 2, 2018

Office 365 recently just turned 5! The platform is continuing to transform businesses and the way people get work done. IT modernization is on the rise and many organizations realize they need to modernize to stay competitive in their industry.  

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SharePoint for Office 365 Search Center Bug – How is My Tenant Affected?

Posted by PJ Wise on October 1, 2018

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The message – “Administrators may be unable to perform changes to search schema settings” may appear in Office 365 search health.  What does it mean?

A few months ago, we noticed a discrepancy between the items a custom webpart of ours was displaying and what should appear. We were filtering based on content types or attempting to anyway.

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Should You Continue to Invest in Your Classic SharePoint?

Posted by Adam Levithan on September 26, 2018

Let’s get something out of the way! What exactly does it mean to be “classic”? I’m not that big of a car person, but when I think of the word “classic” a 1950’s Corvette comes to mind. If I’m lucky to see one on the road I usually say to myself, “Wow, that’s beautiful — a true classic”. To me, a 1950s Corvette represents the essence of modern sports cars with a style that just we don’t see today. It probably doesn’t drive well, and it would be costly to maintain, but I’d still love to own one. 

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5 Ways to Connect Global Organizations Through Office 365

Posted by Lamia Msadek on September 19, 2018

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At Withum Digital, we have global clients who have struggled to find ways to unite dispersed regions. A lot of the challenges are a result of old, traditional business processes and organizational behavior. Technology has a way of defying black and white work-environment principles and allows for greater flexibility and freedom. 

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