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Why One Defense Company Is Thrilled With Moving to Microsoft Teams

Posted by Melissa Hubbard on December 7, 2018

Word is spreading about Microsoft Teams in the federal government defense industry. The word is good. The consultants at Withum Digital developed a Microsoft Teams plan for a large, federal government defense contracting company. 

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Why You Need to Be Ready to Move from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams

Posted by Daniel Cohen-Dumani on December 7, 2018

Microsoft Teams is replacing Skype for Business, and as of October 1, 2018, Skype is no longer offered as a part of any new Microsoft 365, or Office 365 plan with less than 500 users. So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to consider making the upgrade to Teams sooner rather than later.

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Microsoft Teams - The Hub for Teamwork [Infographic]

Posted by Jill Hannemann on October 22, 2018

From employee engagement to the bottom line, Microsoft Teams is transforming collaboration and how teams engage in teamwork. It’s hard to deny the numbers; statistics are showing the correlation to the benefits of teamwork from employee retention through to how much more agile and innovative your organization can be through effective teamwork.

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Microsoft Teams Administration and Management Related Announcements From Ignite – And Why They Matter

Posted by Melissa Hubbard on October 11, 2018

Microsoft Teams is on a roll and it just got much easier to manage at the enterprise level! There were many announcements of new and exciting Microsoft Teams features at Ignite, Microsoft’s annual biggest conference. Administration and management features aren’t always as shiny and exciting as the collaboration and meetings features, but they are ultimately what drives Microsoft Teams success for organizations.

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Rely on Teamwork to Be Successful

Posted by Jill Hannemann on October 8, 2018

So much of our productivity and effectiveness is rooted in our ability to establish effective teamwork habits. Teamwork is the very foundation of organizational growth and the ability to influence the marketplace. 

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