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Office 365 Governance Infographic: What Tools to Use When for Ultimate User Adoption

Posted by Jill Hannemann on May 22, 2017

Creating Simple Office 365 Governance for Workplace Productivity 

Office 365 has a wealth of features all designed to help your workforce be more connected and enabled with means to share, store, collaborate, and secure content. With so many options to simply communicate with your colleague, partner or customer, which workload or tools should you use for what? Our Office 365 governance infographic below can help you cut through the clutter and streamline employee communication and collaboration. 

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6 Habits of Organizations with Strong SharePoint Governance

Posted by Jill Hannemann on April 13, 2016

Yes, I know. SharePoint governance is by no means a new topic on this blog. But I’m talking about it again today because it's incredibly important.

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Podcast Episode #13 - Top 5 Office 365 And SharePoint Governance Mistakes

Posted by Jenny Lynch on February 5, 2016

On this podcast, Jill Hannemann, our Director of Advisory Services, joins us on the Digital Workplace Today Podcast to talk all about Office 365 and SharePoint governance, including: What is governance? What are some best practices? What things should be avoided?

Listen to this episode to hear it all, or read the show notes for an overview of the conversation and links to some of the key items we discussed. 

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4 Essential Considerations Before You Move To The Cloud

Posted by Dale Tuttle on January 25, 2016

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Moving to the cloud can have significant benefits for your business. However, there is quite a bit of preparation you need to do first, before you greenlight any potential cloud-based initiative.

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Where Do You Start With An Office 365 Governance Plan?

Posted by Jill Hannemann on January 4, 2016

Everyone knows the concept of “governance” is important when working with components of Office 365. But what is governance really, and where should you start when creating an Office 365 governance plan for your own organization? Read on to learn what governance is, and look at a process you can use when deciding how to create a governance plan.

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