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7 Business Intelligence Trends to Watch For in 2017

Posted by Daniel Cohen-Dumani on January 16, 2017

Business intelligence is growing – quickly. Gartner reported the worldwide business intelligence and analytics market would reach $16.9 billion in 2016. That continued growth into 2017 has several key implications affecting the entire business world. 

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Skype Team Chat: What Microsoft Teams Means for Skype for Business

Posted by Max Hervé on December 8, 2016

Business messaging has come a long way since the Google Wave experiment. The demo for Google Wave promised to be somewhere between email and chat. It was a hybrid system that allowed teams to stay in constant communication and see conversation history. But Google’s vision didn’t work out.

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Is Email A Productivity Killer For Your Employees?

Posted by Daniel Cohen-Dumani on February 10, 2015

On some level, most people recognize that there’s no one-size-fits-all communication format that’s always appropriate. But it’s easy to forget that while email is quite effective in some collaboration contexts, it can be a real productivity killer in others.

When you have a team engaged in brainstorming or a creative effort, for example, email is far less effective than bringing those people together in the same room to bounce ideas off each other in real time. While advances in enterprise social and videoconferencing have made the digital workplace a great platform for collaborative work, people still need to make intelligent choices about how they communicate within it.

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Collaboration Solutions For A Distributed Workforce

Posted by Daniel Cohen-Dumani on January 29, 2015

Remote employees face certain challenges when collaborating with coworkers in the main office.

But there’s a big difference between having a few people work from home and having most of your staff spread across different worksites. These aren’t remote workers in the usual sense, but they’re working in a separate environment from the corporate office.

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How To Improve Efficiency By Balancing Morale And Output

Posted by Daniel Cohen-Dumani on January 28, 2015

When a company introduces new processes or technology designed to improve efficiency, it often creates conflict between executives and employees.

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