Microsoft's November 2017 Office 365 Updates: What You Need to Know

Posted by Jill Hannemann on November 9, 2017

Still coming off the momentum of Ignite, these November Office 365 updates highlight news that was shared at the conference. In case you missed it, you can watch videos from the conference sessions.  This is publicly available whether you attended the conference or not. 

One of the biggest pieces of news shared was the vision for Intelligent Communications.  This describes the transition away from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams.  The vision includes transitioning many of the services found in Skype for Business to Teams in order to realize a greater vision to further integrate the work we do with the conversations we're having about it.  This transition is still in the works and will impact many in how they set up their enterprise communications strategies in 2018.  Our team is abreast of the timeline and currently working with many customers to understand the impact to this announcement.

LinkedIn integration is beginning, and a great feature has already been released to early adopters.  Profile cards in Microsoft apps and services will now have a link to view a user's LinkedIn profile as you collaborate with individuals who may be inside or outside of your organization.  This will allow you to familiarize yourself with individuals you may be working with, and puts a powerful link to your public professional profile in context with work you do.

Planner received a substantial enhancement with the addition of a calendar view.  The calendar view allows the user to toggle between views by day, week, or month, and also allows the user to drag and drop to add tasks and move start and due dates.  You can also leverage Flow to create planner tasks based on user actions and other process milestones in Office 365.

Other notable mentions from this month's updates include Outlook mobile app for iOS and Android now include the ability to manage delegated folders and calendars.  This improvement will impact many administrative professionals who manage other's calendars and need this valuable capability while on a mobile device.

This month's updates also included an announcement in a partnership between Adobe and Microsoft.  The two areas mentioned will be for Adobe Sign and Office 365, and Teams integration with Adobe Creative Cloud.  With so much focus and emphasis on Teams, we will all be watching very closely how the Teams timeline unfolds in the coming months. 

That's the update for this month.  See you in December.

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