Microsoft's December 2017 Office 365 Updates: What You Need to Know

Posted by Jill Hannemann on December 6, 2017

December has come and gone and the final round of Office 365 updates for 2017 are in.  Don't worry, the updates will keep on coming in January.  The December updates can be grouped into a couple of categories:  Office updates, LinkedIn integrations and new features for PowerBI

For Office Updates - Jim Naroski shares PowerPoint Morph, additional text transitions that can assist in designing your presentation and helping you get your message across.  Microsoft is looking for good examples and use of this feature.  If you've put it to good use, do share your results with them.

Office Tutorials have also been added to Office products.  These are new video tutorials that walk you through Office products, much the same way as a You Tube video would, but these are conveniently located under the help icon.  There are also tutorials for more than just the basics.  Think a refresher on creating pivot tables. 

Forecasting in Excel - whether you use currently use Excel to facilitate data predictions, the forecast feature is going to make it even easier.  If you're able to refine a data set in Excel with historical data associated, the forecast feature will show trends and projections out based on the criteria set by the user. 

LinkedIn is gaining traction with two integration features that are being released.  Resume Builder will be a LinkedIn integration with Word allowing the user to leverage resume assistance and receive suggestions on ways to enhance your resume.  It will also reference and compare against real job postings. 

LinkedIn Learning is another integration within Office, and similar to Office Tutorials, will offer learning videos with curated content to assist in mastering complex tasks and learn new skills throughout Office 365.  This feature will be available through the help feature throughout Office 365.

Conditional Formatting (similar to what we know in Excel) will be coming to PowerBI reports.  This will allow for rule-based conditional formatting for table and matrix formats to color the background based on trends and rules of the data.  For additional information on this, and to keep up with the latest updates, subscribe to for regular updates.

Lastly, if you watch the monthly Office 365 Update videos like I do, you'll know that the information can also be accessed through the transcript of the video, making it easier to grab URLs or other reference information shared in the video.  Starting this month, these transcripts, as well as a regular running blog will be available on The Office 365 Guy blog.  This will be Jim Naroski's blog with information on updates and responses to questions he receives.  You can visit the blog and also subscribe to the RSS feed for updates.

That's all for now.  Happy New Year!

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