How Secure Is Your Organization's Data and Information? Take This Security Quiz [Infographic]

Posted by Dale Tuttle on November 8, 2018

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Securing your data and content has never been more important as most businesses are accessing, creating, and generally using huge amounts of information each and every day.  But how secure is your information?  What can you do to take prudent but effective security measures right now to lower your risk of being hacked or suffering loss of information due to system failures?

While the answers to those questions can be complicated, there are some simple steps you can take to reduce your exposure to cyber-crime and loss of data through hardware/software failures and even natural disasters.

The security quiz below asks some basic, but critically important questions and suggests practical steps you can take now to reduce your risk and improve overall security and compliance (for those of you in regulated industries). This applies to those organizations running systems on-premises or operating in the cloud using Microsoft 365, Office 365 and Azure. Remember, you still have security responsibilities even though you may be using cloud-based services and storage.  And, it’s not just your cloud and on-premises applications and storage you need to worry about; you need to secure the devices accessing those systems too.  Don’t worry, Microsoft 365 lets you secure both your systems and devices; giving you peace of mind that you’re secure, compliant with all the most recent standards, and able to give your staff the tools they need to run and grow your business.

Understand how to secure your tenant by using Microsoft’s Secure Score feature. 

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Security Quiz 2

Mitigate your organization’s exposure before it’s too late.  Reach out to us today about our Office 365 security assessment.

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