Featured in CMSWire: Stop Focusing on Digital Workplace Adoption

Posted by Jill Hannemann on December 11, 2017


Arguably the digital workplace isn’t new, per se. We've been digital for quite some time. Over the years, the adoption curve has remained the same every time we roll out a new technology: a large spike in usage up front, followed by a plummet and then a gradual decline. Focusing on adoption isn’t how you get people to use new technology. If you think adoption is the answer, you’re asking yourself the wrong question.

In this CMSWire article by Withum's Jill Hannemann, learn how to get an investment in the digital workplace to stick.


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Topics: Digital Workplace Trends, User Adoption

Jill Hannemann

Jill Hannemann is a Principal at Withum. She is a recognized expert on the topics of portal strategy, governance and information architecture, and has a passion for transforming corporate intranets into digital workplaces that people love to use.

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