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Securing Office 365: Practical Steps for Office 365 Administrators in Small and Medium Size Firms

Posted by Dale Tuttle on November 9, 2018

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As Office 365 specialists, one of Withum Digital’s most frequent areas of support revolves around properly securing Office 365 tenants for clients around the country.  While we work with many very large organizations and government agencies, many of our customers are start-ups or small to medium sized businesses that may not have a full-time Office 365 Administrator. This blog post is targeted towards those of you administering an Office 365 tenant who are concerned about security and how to properly configure your tenant.

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Podcast Episode #20 - It's Budgeting Time for 2019

Posted by Withum Digital on November 9, 2018

On this episode of the Digital Workplace Today Podcast, Withum Digital's Microsoft MVPs take over!  

Learn more about each of our MVPs, Adam Levithan, Melissa Hubbard, Prashant Bhoyar and Fabian Williams, and hear what they suggest to Invest in next year.

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How Secure Is Your Information? Take This Security Quiz [Infographic]

Posted by Dale Tuttle on November 8, 2018

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Securing your data and content has never been more important as most businesses are accessing, creating, and generally using huge amounts of information each and every day.  But how secure is your information?  What can you do to take prudent but effective security measures right now to lower your risk of being hacked or suffering loss of information due to system failures?

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Microsoft Teams - The Hub for Teamwork [Infographic]

Posted by Jill Hannemann on October 22, 2018

From employee engagement to the bottom line, Microsoft Teams is transforming collaboration and how teams engage in teamwork. It’s hard to deny the numbers; statistics are showing the correlation to the benefits of teamwork from employee retention through to how much more agile and innovative your organization can be through effective teamwork.

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Microsoft Teams Administration and Management Related Announcements From Ignite – And Why They Matter

Posted by Melissa Hubbard on October 11, 2018

Microsoft Teams is on a roll and it just got much easier to manage at the enterprise level! There were many announcements of new and exciting Microsoft Teams features at Ignite, Microsoft’s annual biggest conference. Administration and management features aren’t always as shiny and exciting as the collaboration and meetings features, but they are ultimately what drives Microsoft Teams success for organizations.

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