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Microsoft Teams Administration and Management Related Announcements From Ignite – And Why They Matter

Posted by Melissa Hubbard on October 11, 2018

Microsoft Teams is on a roll and it just got much easier to manage at the enterprise level! There were many announcements of new and exciting Microsoft Teams features at Ignite, Microsoft’s annual biggest conference. Administration and management features aren’t always as shiny and exciting as the collaboration and meetings features, but they are ultimately what drives Microsoft Teams success for organizations.

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Rely on Teamwork to Be Successful

Posted by Jill Hannemann on October 8, 2018

So much of our productivity and effectiveness is rooted in our ability to establish effective teamwork habits. Teamwork is the very foundation of organizational growth and the ability to influence the marketplace. 

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Most Popular Features in Office 365 and What You Should be Using

Posted by Jill Hannemann on October 2, 2018

Office 365 recently just turned 5! The platform is continuing to transform businesses and the way people get work done. IT modernization is on the rise and many organizations realize they need to modernize to stay competitive in their industry.  

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SharePoint for Office 365 Search Center Bug – How is My Tenant Affected?

Posted by PJ Wise on October 1, 2018

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The message – “Administrators may be unable to perform changes to search schema settings” may appear in Office 365 search health.  What does it mean?

A few months ago, we noticed a discrepancy between the items a custom webpart of ours was displaying and what should appear. We were filtering based on content types or attempting to anyway.

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Microsoft Ignite - Quick Highlight of Key Announcements

Posted by Daniel Cohen-Dumani on September 28, 2018

End of September is always full of technology news as Microsoft is hosts its annual Ignite Conference in Orlando, FL. This year was no exception and full of exciting announcements; we are going to speak about it over the next few months but in the meantime, I have outlined some of the major announcements with resources to help you understand the impact to your organization and how to plan and position yourself for success.

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